Invitation to Quote (ITQ) - Shopping For Goods 
Procurement of Lubricants for intimate use for HIV prevention activities

Date: 09 March  2020                                          Exp.: 19 March 2020, 14:00, Chisinau time

Contract Ref: MDA-C-H/GD/41_2020

Dear Supplier,

1. You are invited to submit your price quotation(s) for the supply of the following:

LOT I.   Lubricants:


Description of goods



Lubrifiant pentru uz intim pe bază de apă, 50ml

(Lubricant, for intimate use, water-based, 50 ml)

18 975


Lubrifiant pentru uz intim pe bază de apă, 5ml

(Lubricant, for intimate use, water-based, 5 ml)

260 505

Information on technical specifications and required quantities are indicated in Annex A to Terms and Conditions of Supply.

2. The Government of Republic of Moldova has received grants from The Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria (GFATM), and intends to apply the proceeds of these grants to eligible payments under the contract for which this invitation for quotation is issued.

You may quote for whole Lot (that will include all items requested per lot) under this invitation. Price quotations will be evaluated per lot (the whole lot shall be evaluated and a contract awarded to the firm offering the lowest evaluated price for the lot); incomplete quotations will be rejected.

3. You shall submit one original and one copy of the Price Quotation with the Form of Quotation, and clearly marked “Original” and “Copy”. Your quotation in the attached format should be sealed in an envelope and addressed to and delivered at the following address of the Purchaser:

Public Institution “Coordination, Implementation and Monitoring Unit of the
Health System Projects”
18/A  Toma Ciorba Street., of. 01,
MD-2004, Chisinau,  Republic of Moldova,
Attn: Mrs. Angela Carp, HIV Project Procurement Specialist

Deadline for receipt of quotation is: 19 March 2020,  14:00, Chisinau time. Late quotations will be rejected.

Stimati Ofertanti, prin prezenta va inform despre transferarea Termenului Limita de prezentare a ofertelor in cadrul procedurilor  de achizitie: ITQ # MDA-C-H/GD/40_2020 Procurement of Condoms for HIV prevention activities si ITQ # MDA-C-H/GD/41_2020 Procurement of Condoms for HIV prevention activities, pentru  Data de – 20 martie  2020, ora locala 14.00.