Invitation to Quote (ITQ) - Shopping For Goods
Procurement of Office IT Equipment

Date: 22 November 2017

Project Title: “Strengthening TB Control in Republic of Moldova”
Source of Funding: “Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria”
Contract Ref: MDA/T/GD/80

To: According to the list

Dear Supplier,

1.      You are invited to submit your price quotation(s) for the supply of the following:

LOT “Office IT equipment”

  1. Desktop computers (International Brand Name) – 13 items;
  2. Laptop computers (International Brand Name) – 2 items.

Information on technical specifications and required quantities are indicated in Annex A to Terms and Conditions of Supply.

Clarification #1

2. The Government of Republic of Moldova has received grants from The Global Fund to Fight Aids, TB and Malaria (GFATM), and intends to apply the proceeds of these grants to eligible payments under the contract for which this invitation for quotation is issued.

You must quote for all items (the whole lot) under this invitation and include all requested information as per Annex A to Terms and Conditions of Supply.   Price quotations will be evaluated per lot (the whole lot shall be evaluated and a contract awarded to the firm offering the lowest evaluated price for the lot); incomplete bids will be rejected.

3. You shall submit one original and one copy of the Price Quotation with the Form of Quotation, and clearly marked “Original” and “Copy”. Your quotation in the attached format should be sealed in an envelope and addressed to and delivered at the following address of the Purchaser:

Public Institution “Coordination, Implementation and Monitoring Unit of the
Health System Projects”
18/A  Toma Ciorba Street.,
MD-2004, Chisinau,  Republic of Moldova,
Attn: Mr. Ion Mosenet, TB Project Procurement Specialist

4. Your quotation in English language should be accompanied by following documents:

  1. “Copy of the Certificate or the Legal Decision that demonstrates the company is registered as a legal entity in the country of origin (“Certificat de Inregistrare” or “Decizia de înregistrare a persoanei juridice”);
  2. Copy from Extract from the Commercial Register with information about inter alia the manager(s), legal address, name of the owners (“Extras din Registrul de stat al persoanelor juridice”);
  3. Copy from the License issued by the Chamber of Licensing (“Licenţă”);
  4. Adequate technical documentation and catalogue(s) and other printed material or pertinent information (in Romanian, English or Russian language) for each quoted item.

5.      The deadline for receipt of your quotation by the Purchaser at the address indicated in Paragraph 3 is: 04 December 2017,  12:00, Chisinau time. Late quotations will be rejected.

6. The evaluation of the price quotations will be conducted through shopping procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines for Procurement of Goods, Works, and Non-Consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers” dated January 2011, revised July 2014 (the Procurement Guidelines), “Shopping”.

7. Quotations by fax or by electronic means are NOT acceptable and will be rejected.

8. Your quotation should be submitted as per the following instructions and in accordance with the attached Terms and Conditions of supply. Please sign the attached Terms and Conditions of supply and fill in the table demonstrating substantial responsiveness of the goods proposed to the technical specification required, and return them to the Purchaser. Quotations that will not contain the mentioned signed and stamped “Terms and Conditions of supply” shall be considered incomplete and will be rejected.